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About Transport Alexcalibur

Providing turnkey transport service since 1993.

In 1993, Alex André founded Transport Alexcalibur and acquired a tractor so he could offer local transportation companies his services in the region of Montreal. The concept was simple: he would make their pick-ups and deliveries using their own trailers, and would return these to the terminal at the end of the day. Already, clients appreciated not having to worry about tractor maintenance. Three years later, Alex was asked to provide an extra truck, and the turnkey service was born.

Transport Alexcalibur’s expansion was gradual and steady. We took the time to build a solid foundation in both management and operations that today, represents our biggest strength. From one tractor driven by its owner in 1993, Transport Alexcalibur’s fleet has grown to more than 80 trucks in response to the ever-increasing demand for this type of outsourcing service, and especially for the advantages it provides.

Alex André continues to play a hands-on role in the company he founded. Through our sense of responsibility, availability, quality service and the professionalism of the drivers we work with, we strive for complete customer satisfaction. To us, each of our customers is the most important, and we extend that philosophy to their customers. We have learned to adapt our services to each customer’s requirements, which explains the excellent references we have earned in the industry.

Transport Alexcalibur is a member of the NMFTA and proud member of the Trucks for Change Network.

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