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FAQ about Transport Alexcalibur

Providing turnkey transport service since 1993.

What regions do you serve?

We provide services in the greater Montreal region and surrounding areas (Laval, the North Shore and the South Shore).

Upon request, we can also offer service to certain areas of Québec and Ontario.

Can you transport dangerous goods?

The drivers we work with are trained on the transportation of dangerous goods every three years.

Do you service the Port of Montreal?

Many of the drivers we work with have access cards to the Port of Montreal.

Do you rent trucks?

We do not rent trucks. Our turnkey service includes a tractor, driver, fuel, insurance and license plates/permits.

Do you provide moving services?

Our services are not available for moving, whether residential or commercial. Moving companies are specialized in this service.

Is there a minimum charge for your on-call service?

We charge 4 hours minimum for on-call services.

What is Act 430 and why is it so important?

The Act respecting owners, operators and drivers of heavy vehicles creates a framework to increase road user safety and maintain the integrity of the road network in the province of Quebec. This Act governs hours of service, operator and driver conduct, equipment inspections, record keeping, compliance and conduct of owners, operators and drivers. The Act is designed to identify unsafe conduct and to ensure that measures are taken as rapidly as possible to modify such conduct.

As a registered heavy vehicle owner and operator, Transport Alexcalibur carefully complies with all its obligations under this Act. We make sure that all the drivers whose services we use do the same.

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