Transport Alexcalibur Inc.

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The Transport Alexcalibur Fleet

We have the size of truck you need!

Transport Alexcalibur specializes in a 10-wheel tractor service, full-time or on call. For long-term contracts, we can also offer 6-wheel tractors, straight body trucks, cubes and trailers.

Our fleet currently consists of:

  • 70 ten-wheel tractors
  • 10 straight-body trucks
  • 2 cubes
  • 1 shunter
  • 3 mobile service units
  • 25 trailers (under contract)

Many of our tractors are licensed for IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) for inter-provincial transportation.

We perform routine maintenance in our own garage, and our mobile units will travel to trucks in service for mechanical problems, to minimize downtime.

Your image is an important part of our attention to quality. All of our tractors are white, so your trailer branding is most visible to your customer. Our units are clean and well kept, and washed weekly.

Contact us now to outsource your transportation needs and let our experts guide you.