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We’ve come a long way since 1993!

Our transportation logistics company has grown from a small local trucking service to a true turnkey outsourcing solution. Having started out with only one truck, we now have a fleet of more than 45 10-wheel tractors and 5 self-driving trucks for your dedicated transportation needs.

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A benchmark in outsourcing and dedicated transportation logistics since 1993

Let’s go back in time. More than 25 years ago…

Montreal is where our truck transportation and 10-wheel tractor supplier services began. At the time, Alex André, sensing a need, purchased a truck with a very specific purpose: to provide dedicated truck transportation for a few local companies using their own trailers.

Over the years, Alex expanded his fleet of vehicles and became a major supplier of 10-wheel tractors for Montreal businesses. It made sense: outsourcing services allows customers to focus on things other than the maintenance of their tractor fleets. Our turnkey transportation logistics service was born! Since February 1, 2019, Jean-François Lemay has taken over operations and continues to nurture Alex André’s legacy by serving our clients in the best way possible, in Montreal, North Shore, and South Shore.

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