Turnkey transportation services

Turnkey transportation services

Imagine no longer having to worry about the transportation of your freight or the management of your fleet.

Actually, you don’t have to imagine it!

Our turnkey transportation services are the perfect solution for reducing your maintenance costs – and the weight of your responsibilities.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our team takes care of everything, offering outsourcing and dedicated transportation services adapted to your needs, at rates that are more than competitive. Whether it’s for your whole fleet of vehicles or only part of it, we’re here to help you. Let yourself be transported.

Transportation outsourcing

Our outsourced transportation service helps you deliver on time and on budget, even when you’re lacking the internal resources to get there. Our turnkey outsourcing service includes:

  • Management of your fleet, equipment, and workforce
  • A vehicle suited to your needs
  • A driver
  • Gas
  • Insurance
  • Registration
  • Required permits
Flotte Alexcalibur

Dedicated transportation

No transportation challenge is too big, and we have the expertise to adapt to all of your transportation needs.

Our drivers can adapt to all of your dedicated transportation needs:

  • They have all been trained in the transportation of dangerous goods.
  • They have their access cards for the Port of Montreal.
  • They can access intermodal terminals
  • They comply in every respect with Bill 430 concerning the ownership, operation, and driving of heavy vehicles.

Dedicated transportation lets you count on a service that is fully adapted to your business reality. We offer everything you need to rest assured:

  • The security of your parcels
  • A vehicle suited to your needs (for fragile or dangerous material, for instance)
  • Management of delivery schedules
  • Specialized equipment for your transportation needs

Gone are the days of having to take the modalities and constraints related to transportation on your own shoulders.

Think Alexcalibur!

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